Crisis Intervention & Emergency Evacuation


DPH Security Consultancy is able to deliver security advice and respond to situations globally including evacuation services for political unrest, natural disaster and terrorism through a team of highly trained and experienced operatives including former SAS personnel.

DPH Security Consultancy provides crisis intervention services to respond to:

  • Rapid, unforeseen changes in the local security environment, where a company may have lost the means to maintain positive control of the situation or are operating in an unknown or evolving hostile environment.
  • Security/emergency situation (kidnap and ransom incident – requirement to initiate an immediate country or medical evacuation).
  • Requirement to conduct an immediate threat assessment of a country, city, facility or specific asset to allow for formal security intervention or support to a specific project either before or after the deployment to an unknown location.
  • Hostile business related issues.

Through this network, DPH security Consultancy is able to provide real time security updates for locations and also offer practical advice on potentially escalating security situations globally.

A programme of support can be established that provides excellent support for travellers, expatriates and managers ensuring that the day-to-day responsibility for travel safety has been addressed.

The key components include:

  • Pro-active consultation to ascertain appropriate levels of monitoring & support
  • Information and analysis of emerging travel security threats and potential disruption to travel
  • Expert advice provided by regional specialists supported by a centrally based 24-hour team
  • Managed ‘real time’ tracking solutions based on ‘Smartphone’ technology and GPS devices
  • Assistance in response to emergency situations that affect your organisation’s personnel or assets
  • Evacuation of personnel in times of increased threat
  • Deployment of security & medical risk consultants to assist personnel on the ground during an incident or event