Energy Saving

Energy Saving is a “must” for refurbishments, new-builds and retro-fits. It’s also good for newly acquired commercial property where new boilers have to be installed or the plant has been run down. It improves the energy rating of the building and hence its re-sales value.

Below is an example of just one of the leading heat energy saving systems that we would consider and recommend using in conjunction with any project.

This technology has already cut the energy bills of Bedfordshire Police by 55%, thus saving them considerable money to allow them to divert it elsewhere for front line services.



As an independent specialist consultancy DPH Security Consultancy is able to offer a wide range of Energy saving solutions which are Government approved (on the Governments Energy Technology List), OfGem CERT approved and Carbon Trust approved. These systems will work well in commercial and residential properties – Great for blocks of flats with a communal central heating system or individual apartments that are electrically heated.

Today, DPH Security Consultancy can offer off-the-shelf integrated web and mobile based Building Energy Management Systems that allows users to cut their energy bills by typically between 20% to 30%+ and manage their buildings infrastructure and security from one system. All solutions are scaleable from a one bedroom flat to a large estate of complex buildings. DPH Security Consultancy is able to project manage and instruct the very best engineers to install all types of Heat Saving technology and arrange to perennially maintain the equipment, meaning that the client can rest-easy knowing that they have a 1st class British consulting company helping them manage their building infrastructure and energy usage.


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