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DPH Consulting has decades of business development experience that includes advising private clients and corporations across industries that range from construction, manufacturing, transportation and government institutions.

The one most common questions we receive is: “What are the available options and how do I go about engaging DPH Consulting to oversee or offer input into my company’s business development requirements”?

The answer is very simple – to ensure we offer clients the most effective and maximum return of investment possible, whilst of course showcasing ‘real’ proof of concept around our business development service, we provide flexible, user friendly and flexible terms of engagement. Potential clients’ may hire the services of DPH Consulting for a minimum period of 4 months and up to 12 months before any contract renewal will be reviewed and re-considered.

Once a client has decided on the preferred term of the engagement, they then must decide on the appropriate level of engagement per month. This must justify and meet their company’s specific business development requirements. This can range from as little as 3 working days a month, up to a maximum of 12 working days a month. Thus, helping to ensure your business development budget is maintained at a very reasonable and affordable level that is ultimately cost effective to the client’s business.

At the end of each month all of our clients are offered a detailed generated sales report outlining sales information that is specific to each generated lead and the subsequent follow on action taken to ensure any potential opportunity is closed. DPH Consulting has one of the highest sales conversion rates within the professional business development sector, which can be backed up with data.

DPH Consulting assists clients in creating a robust business development environment with services that include current and emerging  assessments, policy review and development, and master planning.

Based on time-tested best practices as well as real-world experience, DPH Consulting’s holistic approach reflects the interrelated nature of today’s businesses. An integrated business development framework provides for stronger and more cohesive approach to securing new business.

Achieving results means focusing on generating opportunities with the right decision makers, rather than simply relying on offering quantity of meetings. At the forefront of our approach, we prioritise establishing a relationship and engaging with the right decision makers. Aligning yourself to their business challenges and opportunities.

After the initial meeting, once we’ve helped you make that initial vital contact, our work continues to ensure you make the most of each opportunity. We maintain the rapport you’ve established and relentlessly focus on next steps to help progress opportunities through the pipeline. We represent you daily, to help you create, develop and implement an ongoing contact programme focused on winning business.


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