Kidnap & Ransom Consulting


Kidnap for ransom, extortion and detention are ever-changing and complex risks, changing not only in location but also in the threat posed. In many regions of the world, kidnapping is big business. In South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, terrorist and criminal groups use kidnapping as a tool for fundraising and to install fear.

Corporate executives, managers and personnel have become the priority targets for terrorists, criminals and guerrilla forces. Activity can spring up rapidly in emerging kidnap hotspots as criminal organisations look to exploit an opportunity. Incidents of kidnapping are significantly on the rise, particularly with the knowledge that many people who operate in high risk environments usually carry kidnap and ransom insurance policies.

Should the unfortunate occur, DPH Security Consultancy is able to act immediately wherever you are, applying local knowledge and experience to formulate the most effective and safest response to the specific threat faced. We know how these groups operate, how they select their targets and how they can be thwarted. We can directly liaise with victims of this devestating crime and if required, design a kidnap and ransom programme that will lower exposure.