6 – Steps for Market Entry

Business development for new market entry in 6-steps


Business Development

Whatever your business, DPH Consulting is able to advise you on the most suitable solution which allows you to facilitate a successful market entry.

Step 1 – Initially, we will stay abreast of what’s happening in our clients industry, what our clients competitors are up to in terms of products and service offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, etc.

Step 2 – This industry knowledge is then combined on an on-going basis with understanding of our client’s business strategy, how our client’s benchmark against their competitors and, in addition, how their service/product offering would be perceived on the new marketplace. Consequently, providing a constant 360 degree view for the client.

Step 3 – We provide understanding of our client’s new market, market conditions and how the client’s offering would need to be adapted in order to capitalise on the available opportunities.

Step 4 – Particularly relevant, we will bring our creative mind set to our client’s business. We identify possible ways to improve our clients offering, marketing, sales/sales channels and pricing.

Step 5 – We prioritise the new business opportunities we have identified, compare potential returns for each new opportunity to the cost our client’s would need to incur to capitalise on the opportunity. Most importantly, bringing business development to fruition

Step 6 – Finally, we help our client’s to bring the new opportunities we have identified and prioritised to fruition. As a result, giving your company a trusted ”Business Development” partner.

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