The plethora of specialist consultancy services provided by DPH Security Consultancy ensure a comprehensive offering throughout the lifecycle of any project. We assist clients in understand how to mitigate the real-time security threats and risks to their people and business with design, delivery and operational solutions.

People, property, infrastructure, service, and information assets are potentially vulnerable to a range of security threats that could result in physical, economic or detrimental harm to one’s reputation. DPH Security Consultancy provides advice on identifying security threats and risks, and engineering design services to scope any required solutions (both physical and electronic), while ensuring that security solutions are realistic and cost-effective. It is important that security is considered early, to develop the most appropriate and proportionate solutions that can also influence the design process to create a safer and more secure environment. Key security objectives can include; keeping people safe, protecting business assets (property and data), and maintaining business continuity (in the event of a security incident). DPH Security Consultancy that good security requires a performance based approach and an understanding of risk and how to manage that risk appropriately to ensure that security solutions are effective.


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