VIP Protection Consulting


The proprietor of DPH Security Consultancy Derek Horne, has a wealth of national and  international experience when it comes to dealing with the security concerns of  VIP’s and HTW Family offices. Today, there are numerous VIP protection companies all claiming to offer the very best quality security services available.

DPH Security Consultancy adheres to a strict Code of Conduct when assessing individual security requirements, and if required, can project manage these security services, ensuring providers offer and guarantee the very best possible service and a high level of professionalism for clients. Security employees are required to respect and act in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), that are tailored to every client’s individual requirements.

Through Derek Horne, DPH Security Consultancy has managed to establish trusted and long term relationships with clients and subsequently ensured those clients receive the very best possible security skills and dedications. DPH Security Consultancy can ensure the very best possible level of service is offered by combining expert enrolment, up-to-date protective technology and a comprehensively understanding of a clientele’s needs.

There is unfortunately a huge disparity between the levels of professional competency offered by many VIP protection providers, with some providers offering clients an exceptional VIP protection service and other’s sadly falling far short of what is reasonably required or expected. Because clients are becoming more savvy about what VIP protection can be, and are now less likely to settle for plain vanilla solutions when they would actually prefer – and be better off with – a service that caters specifically to their cultural and personal lifestyles, DPH Security Consultancy’s “VIP Protection Consulting Service” can ensure that the highest possible security standards are consistently offered by security providers and can if required, project manage security requirements to ensure protection levels are delivered at the required optimal levels and as promised by the security provider.

DPH Security Consultancy is able to review and ensure the following services are delivered to the highest optimal level:

  • Arranging and applying secure travel routes.
  • Intelligence and functioning support.
  • Executive protection and security are delivered to the highest possible standards.
  • Ensure sustainable state of life and activities of protected persons and objects.
  • Preserve life, health, honour and dignity of protected persons and their family members.
  • Strict confidentiality rules are followed by all security staff.
  • Proper detection and prevention of real and potential threats are followed to protected persons and objects.
  • In the event of a real threat correct protocol is understood by security staff to prevent an attack and evacuate protected person to a safe location.
  • Correct protocol is in place to assist protected persons in the event of unforeseen circumstances (traffic accidents, natural disasters, industrial accidents, sudden illness, damage to health, etc.)
  • Local logistical support is adequate and has been arranged.
  • Premises security is at a necessary high level.
  • Armoured vehicles and MPV’s have the required level of protection.
  • Weapon Techniques understanding and driving is at a high level.
  • First aid response ability is at a required superior level.
  • Respect is shown to the client and any concerns are promptly addressed in a professional manner.