What We Do


DPH Consulting works as an extension of your team, representing your company. We ensure we understand and communicate your brand values – and what makes you unique and stand out from your competitors. We build long-term relationships with key decision makers on your behalf. This will form part of an integrated contact programme. We use a combination of calling, email, social and video to keep you at the forefront of any current or potential future client’s mind.

The ability to spark an interesting and relevant dialogue with your prospects is down to DPH Consulting applying a deep level of insight. We identify all relevant decision makers and ensure our approach is relevant and aligned to real business issues.
Our team will help you to identify, develop and nurture long-term relationships with key decision makers. Over time we will deliver a pipeline of high quality opportunities with your target clients.


Initial fact-finding session

Before we work with you, we need to get to know you better and to understand what makes you different. This involves meeting people from your business who’ll be working closely with DPH Consulting. It gives us the insights we need to communicate and promote your services, effectively and consistently, to your prospective clients. It also helps us decide how best to manage the responses from your prospects, and maximise the opportunities they bring.

We plan

Many businesses rely on referrals or increasing business from existing clients. While these can create some growth, significant business development demands a proactive approach – taking the initiative and targeting your ideal clients.

DPH Consulting starts by identifying the companies you want to work with. What industries best suit your services? Do you favour any particular geographical locations? Does the size of an organisation matter to you? And what sort of budgets are you aiming for?

Information gathering

DPH Consulting ensures we carry out effective and efficient business development information gathering, ensuring we have the right contact details for the right decision makers within your target audience.

Joined up approach

When we’re happy we have an informed strategy in place, we put the plan into action, using the methods we’ve agreed to grab the attention of your prospects. We work with you to join up your marketing activity. Whether it’s social media, events, e-mailers or PR, we do whatever it takes to keep you top of mind for future new business opportunities.

We build relationships

New business takes time and it is important to build and cultivate relationships with relevant decision makers and influencers. We use a wide range of channels to always keep you at the forefront of any potential client’s mind.

This means doing more than just calling every few months to see if things have changed or simply keeping prospects up to date with any of your work that’s relevant to them. We manage these relationships, ensuring we contact prospects when agreed, and at key review times.

Optimal timing

To win the attention – and the business – of your prospects, timing is critical. Where possible, we get you in front of a potential client when they’re reviewing their existing arrangements, or when a brief is available. Right place, right time.

We find out who your prospects are working with, when they review and what projects are in the pipeline. Over time, we build a detailed view of your target market and the potential opportunities – so we know exactly who to contact, when and how.

Converting opportunities

Other business development strategy focuses simply on booking appointments. But we know our job doesn’t finish there. We make sure your meetings are as productive as possible to ensure you fine tune the way you approach and structure them.

Of course, not all contracts are won after just one meeting. Often they’re more complex, involving additional decision makers. Clinching some deals can be a lengthy process, and we respond to this by managing contacts closely, setting up further meetings, following up proposals, and maintaining dialogue until the contract lands.

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